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Do you feel special? We do too, and here’s why!

In our open kitchen, we rock the wok and cook our food with flair, and our customers love it! The wok cooks one meal at a time, and the wok is changed between every meal. This means flavors and ingredients are isolated for every meal. Our process respects to dietary, philosophical, and allergen needs of our customers.

Flavor & dietary control is nearly endless. Select from a variety of noodles, rice, vegetables, proteins, and sauces. Want more veggies and low carbs today? Can do! Working out and wanting some extra protein? Got it! Add more spicy sauce to your teriyaki? Bring the heat! Our customers are the culinary masters of their own making, and get it exactly how they want it.


Health Food Restaurant with smart concept and low investment. Ready to rock the wok?